Focus on your customers and sustainable innovation

Aligning customer focus
with sustainable efficiency

Water utilities are facing numerous challenges due to the climate crisis, changes in weather patterns, and population growth. To guarantee the water supply for the future, water conservation has become increasingly critical. Additionally, you want to deliver superior customer service and streamline your operations.

With a modern CIS & CRM solution like Itineris’ UMAX, you can deliver transformative benefits to your customers, society, and the environment.

Deliver operational excellence
at a low cost to serve

As a Water utility, you want to fully focus on your core business: supplying clean water to your customers. In order to be able to do so, administrative processes need to run smoothly and highly automated.

Our highly configurable solutions are tailored to the requirements of Water utilities operating at high volume and performance levels. It lets you streamline and automate workflows, quickly adapt to new rate designs, and eliminate manual processes.

Deliver operational excellence at a low cost to serve
Put your customers at the center

Put your customers at the center

As a modern utility, you want to provide your customers with an easy-to-read and accurate bill, along with self-service capabilities, to reduce inquiries and response times. In instances when customer support is needed, you want your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to have all data at hand, ensuring accurate and efficient responses as well as streamlined planning if field interventions are needed.

With our solutions, you can significantly increase the accuracy of your bills, and proactively communicate with your customers through omnichannel and self-service capabilities. Your CSRs will have a 360° customer view across all communication, key processes, and field interventions.

Optimize your financial operations

Having a clear and up-to-date view of your financials is important to make the right business decisions.

Our solutions allow you to automate and modernize your global financial operations. The seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Insights and its underlying machine learning models, will empower you to monitor business performance in real-time, including:

  • full general ledger capabilities,
  • intelligent budgeting and forecasting,
  • touchless vendor invoicing,
  • fixed assets lifecycle management,
  • advanced project operations, and
  • simplified compliance with local regulations.
Optimize your financial operations
Water SupplyChain

Achieve supply chain resilience

To achieve your procurement goals, you need a sophisticated supplier management framework, including purchasing policies and workflows to support your tendering processes.

Our solutions allow you to source your projects and asset management processes efficiently using digitized inventory management with real-time visibility, optimized master planning, and a fully integrated warehouse management system.

Easily integrate with third-party data

Our solutions have been designed to enable seamless integration with external systems, including industry connectors with the most common applications in the water sector such as Enterprise Asset Management, GIS solutions, IoT sensor interfaces, and weather forecast APIs.

This will result in more efficient access to critical decision-making information, enabling you to anticipate and address potential floods and droughts or water leakage proactively.

Operating on Microsoft Azure, the industry-leading cloud platform, our solutions adhere to the most rigorous security and compliance standards globally. This ensures stability, security, and constant accessibility for uninterrupted utility operations.

Easily integrate with third-party solutions

We understand your business

Our process implementation template, together with our experienced team of SMEs, guarantee
an efficient and successful implementation of industry best practices, in accordance with your country specific regulations.

Fully managed
cloud solutions

Standard industry template & proven regulatory compliance for North America

A guaranteed lower
cost to serve

UMAX - CRM and ERP Solution for Utilities built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Our cloud-based solutions are specifically designed to meet your needs as a utility company. We provide you with modern SaaS solutions that help automate your business processes and enhance the experience of your customers.

Our UMAX solutions are built on and are fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

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