Transform to a data-driven utility

With our data intelligence solutions, we are building the groundwork for a data-driven future for utilities. Our solutions work seamlessly with UMAX, our CIS solution for utilities, but can also be easily integrated with other CIS solutions.


Detect wrong-day irrigation automatically and communicate with your customers

Say goodbye to manual water conservation monitoring and messaging. With our solution you can detect and prevent wrong-day irrigation and facilitate water conservation.

As a utility company, you get a clear overview of your customers’ water consumption. When someone commits a wrong-day irrigation violation or uses a faulty meter, you receive a notification and a customer case is automatically created. Meanwhile, your customer receives a personalized message informing them of their violation.

Your customer can of course avoid all this by monitoring his or her own water consumption via our user-friendly customer portal. This portal includes easy-to-read dashboards and accurate comparisons with other users.


Personalize your customer payment journey and avoid unpaid bills

CleverCollect is Itineris’ intelligent billing solution designed specifically for utilities. It uses artificial intelligence to move from a one-size-fits-all (e-)bill enrollment, communication, and dunning strategy toward a more effective, personalized approach to customer payment journeys. With CleverCollect, a utility can accurately target a specific group of delinquent customers with messaging varying in tone, timing, and channel according to individual responsiveness and payment history.

CleverCollect can be integrated with any CIS system, assuming it has the capability to use multiple/personalized dunning processes.

Leverage the untapped potential of your data with our Utility Data Hub

In 2021, Itineris acquired Opinum, a data hub software company. The Opinum Data Hub is a secured cloud-based platform that allows you to centralize, enhance, analyze, and visualize your data. You can use it to optimize natural resources usage (e.g. water preservation), renewable power generation and energy distribution processes.

Opinum - Data Hub for energy and environmental actors

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