Wrong-day irrigation

Smart water conservation for utilities in regions with severe drought.

Periods of severe drought are increasing in numerous US states and throughout entire regions.
This illustrates the urgent need for water conservation measures to avoid costly investments in additional infrastructure.

Utilities can implement drought contingency plans to restrict irrigation to specific days and time windows, but customers may ignore them or may not be aware of them. Detection and follow-up on these restrictions are in many cases very manual and labor-intensive tasks, too, making the process even more challenging to utilities with already busy staff.

Water conservation

Water conservation made smart and simple

  • Lower peak demand and combat wasteful water usage, without burdening your staff.

  • Automate reporting and the enforcement of regulations.

  • Educate and engage with your customers based on their actual consumption patterns.

  • Reach your sustainability goals.

Highlights of our solution

  • Wrong-day irrigation detection: detect violators automatically when you receive new smart meter data, and send the appropriate communications to your customers.
  • A customer portal enabling your utility to engage with and inform your customers using actionable insights, an alert manager, and tips and tricks on how to save water.
  • A back office portal enabling you to manage any time series data source (smart meters, DMA flow meters, market pricing, weather data), analyze detailed consumption and production (end consumer and grid), and report on compliance with water conservation legislation.
  • A design built on our Utility Data Hub technology. The flexibility of the Data Hub enables the simple addition of new use cases to our solution.
1.0 Georgetown Tableau de bord

Example of the self-service portal we developed for the City of Georgetown, providing valuable consumption insights to customers.

How customers experience our solution

The City of Georgetown saved the equivalent of 600 Olympic-sized swimming pools with our wrong-day irrigation solution.

Leticia Zavala Jones, Georgetown

“Water scarcity is an existential threat to all of us. We’re proud of the work we’ve done with our partner Itineris to combat wasteful irrigation practices that lead to depleted aquifers and higher water prices for our customers.”

Leticia Zavala Jones,
Customer Care Director, Georgetown Utility Systems

Preview - wrong-day irrigation brochure

Automate your water conservation programs with artificial intelligence

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