Supercharge your utility data to benefit your customers and society

Water companies are currently facing numerous challenges due to the climate crisis, changes in weather patterns, and population growth.

To guarantee the water supply for the future, water conservation has become increasingly critical.

Reaching conservation goals, while challenging, is achievable when data is paired with powerful tools capable of interpreting it and taking appropriate action. This ensures you can deliver transformative benefits to your customers, society, and the environment.

Maximize your data’s potential: 4 key benefits


Better operate the network and detect water leaks by combining SCADA systems and IoT sensor data with cutting-edge artificial intelligence / machine learning models.


Predict and proactively address potential floods and droughts by leveraging IoT sensor and weather forecast APIs.


Provide valuable insights and personalized solutions for cities, businesses, and households, especially those in vulnerable situations, by leveraging smart meter data.


Detect abnormal consumption patterns by leveraging the energy usage data of your assets. This enables you to save energy, which will help you on your road toward Net Zero.

Inspiring use cases

Severe droughts are becoming more frequent in various US states and regions, including the City of Georgetown (CoG) in Texas, which provides water services to around 80,000 citizens.

During the dry season (April-September), the city imposes restrictions on garden watering. Historically, detection of unauthorized usage and follow-up on these restrictions were often manual and labor-intensive.

By utilizing the custom algorithms we developed, the city was able to transition to automatic detection of unauthorized usage. This enabled them to engage customers proactively and in a more timely manner.

Georgetown usage detection

SWDE is one of the largest water companies in Belgium, operating two million meters. Their goal was to assist public authority customers in conserving water.

By using advanced algorithms in their smart meter profile data, which is more sophisticated than the basic alarms generated by the meters, they were able to detect water leaks.

This enabled them to dynamically present insights in a web portal where public authority customers could view potential opportunities for savings. With this proactive communication, they could also boost customer engagement and satisfaction.

SWDE detect water leaks

How we can support you on this journey

Itineris’ data intelligence tools can help you achieve seamless and efficient data sharing and visualization.

Our solutions have been designed to enable easy integration with external systems, such as Microsoft-based utility CIS solutions (like Itineris’ UMAX), SAP ISU, or Oracle CC&B. You can synchronize master data such as occupancy information via our open API and web-hook mechanisms. Making it even more powerful, you can use your own data or third-party data sources such as SCADA systems, IoT sensor data, weather forecast APIs, smart meter data, and energy usage data.

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