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Water insights

Use your smart meter data to conserve water.


Personalize your payment journey to avoid unpaid bills.

Data Analytics-as-a-Service

Increase your efficiency and sustainability.

Go beyond AMI with our Water Insights Solutions

Unleash the power of your AMI meter data through impactful, easy-to-implement use cases.
Check out the examples below for inspiration!

Automatically detect wrong-day irrigation

Say goodbye to manual water conservation monitoring and messaging efforts.

With our solution, you will get a clear overview of your customers’ water usage. In cases where customers deviate from irrigation conservation policies, they receive personalized notifications about their violations. A corresponding customer case is automatically generated for future reference. Additionally, your customers can monitor their household water consumption through our intuitive and user-friendly customer portal.

Detect faulty meters faster

Interval data can easily be used to detect meters that are sending inaccurate information. This data can serve as an input for various aspects of your operations, including your asset management system, field service system, and procurement department.

By incorporating machine-learning techniques, you can analyze patterns and identify specific types of faulty meters.

These insights will help you develop a predictive maintenance model, enabling you to anticipate potential failures and optimize the scheduling of field service technicians accordingly.

Forecast water usage

Leverage the potential of historical smart meter and CIS data to develop predictive models.

Analyzing historical data can deliver detailed understanding of consumption patterns (who, where, and when). To enhance this insight, consider integrating demographics and property characteristics from other systems such as GIS.

This approach not only facilitates the prediction of future (seasonal) consumption patterns, but also empowers you to proactively recommend water conservation measures for usage reduction.

Develop demand response programs

By combining CIS with real-time smart meter data, you can develop water demand response programs.

This provides customers with incentives to reduce their water consumption during peak-demand periods. It also leverages automated alerts or dynamic pricing to encourage customers to shift non-essential water usage to off-peak hours.

Personalize bill collection with CleverCollect

Personalize your customer payment journey and avoid unpaid bills

CleverCollect uses AI to move from a one-size-fits-all (e-)bill enrollment, communication, and dunning strategy to a more effective, personalized approach to customer payment journeys.

With CleverCollect, you can target a specific group of delinquent customers with messaging varying in tone, timing, and channel according to individual responsiveness and payment history.

As a result, utilities see a noticeable (ten percent or more) decrease in unpaid bills. The benefits include important cost savings and efficiency gains from reduced DSO, fewer customer interactions with CSRs, and a reduced need for payment reminders.

Data Analytics-as-a-Service

Leveraging smart tools requires skilled people to design and build intelligent processes. Below, you can find some inspiring examples of how our team of experts can support you in this area.

Data cleansing

Problem: A utility had identified cases where customers were incorrectly billed due to being mistakenly added to the wrong customer segment.

: With machine learning techniques, we were able to automatically identify customers with similar profiles. This approach revealed numerous cases of incorrect customer segmentation, enabling the utility to rectify the issue.

Smart meter replacement

Problem: A customer needed to replace hundreds of thousands of meters. Rather than the traditional segment-by-segment and area-by-area approach, we were asked to define a prioritization strategy for meter replacement.

: We developed an algorithm—based on a combination of revenue, disputes, historical billing information, and more—that selects meters suitable for replacement. The result: The utility achieved optimal cost savings.

Leak detection

Problem: Unidentified leaks can cause significant water loss, expenses for your utility and customers, and potential damage to the environment.

Solution: Data-driven leak detection solutions enable utilities to identify leaks quickly and accurately.

This proactive approach contributes to a more sustainable water supply and lower customer utility bills.

Neighborhood comparison

Problem: The difference in demand and consumption habits between neighboring areas can be significant. This makes a one-size-fits-all solution unsuitable for optimized services and customer participation in conservation initiatives.

: Neighborhood comparison offers a more personalized and customer-centric experience. You can optimize your services to meet local demand and consumption patterns, resulting in improved reliability, reduced downtime, and better responsiveness to individual customer needs. Moreover, your customers will benefit from more accurate billing based on localized rates and consumption trends. You can also launch targeted conservation initiatives, empowering your customers to contribute to sustainability efforts while potentially reducing their utility costs.

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