Increase your customer
contribution margin

Winning and retaining customers 
while keeping your cost to serve low

The energy sector is going through a huge transformation: the energy transition
comes with unprecedented challenges, the competition is fierce and profit margins are shrinking.
The battle for the customer is heating up.
How can energy utilities deliver excellent customer service
while reducing their cost to serve and improving the customer contribution margin?

Flexible product offering

In today’s energy sector it is no longer enough to rely on conventional products such as electricity and gas. Customers expect their energy utility to offer a complete range of products and services to meet their ever-evolving needs. Just think about solar panels, Electric Vehicle meters and chargers, energy audits, …

Our solutions allow you to manage all these products and services in a flexible way, and with a fast time to market.

This will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Energy Flexible Product
Energy Battle Customer

Battle for the customer

Energy utilities are currently operating at relatively low margins and increasing competitive pressures are coming from community switching services, price comparison sites and new entrants. The battle for the customer is heating up.

Utilities have realized they should invest in a robust CRM with the ability to set up marketing campaigns, and to effectively follow up on prospects and close deals.

We provide you with modern, configurable CIS & CRM solutions – specifically designed for utilities. It includes a Sales & Marketing module that will help you build relationships with your customers and prospects, and boost sales.

Data is gold

An important challenge for energy utilities in this digital age is about consuming, managing, and utilizing the mountains of data they receive. Just imagine the possibilities if you could convert this data into a consumable format for your customers.

Our solutions provide you with the necessary tools to analyze your data for insights and to turn your data into opportunities.

Energy Data
Energy Automation

Automation and digitalization

Automation and digitalization play a huge role in the energy sector. We can help you automate your customer’s user journey, while building in the required validation steps and identify exceptions as soon as they arise. This will result in performant processes with minimal manual interventions – reducing lead times and optimizing your cost to serve.

Our solutions include a Customer Self Service Portal that allows you to provide online support without requiring any interaction with a representative from your company. Your customers can use it to pay their invoice or bill, view payment information or account details, find answers to common questions, and more.


Utilities are dealing with lots of sensitive data. We know today’s primary management focus is on “connectivity first” and cybersecurity.

Our solutions run on Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform leading the industry that uses some of the most rigorous security and compliance standards in the world. It is stable, secure, and always accessible.

Energy Security
UMAX - CRM and ERP Solution for Utilities built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Discover our utility solutions

Our cloud-based solutions are specifically designed to meet your needs as a utility company. We provide you with modern SaaS solutions that help automate your business processes and enhance the experience of your customers.

Our UMAX solutions are built on and are fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

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