The complete back-office solution for charging stations

UMAX for EV is a versatile and flexible software platform that supports EV operators to improve their efficiency, provide better customer service, and drive growth & margin.

Functionalities & Benefits

  • Effortlessly manage charging sessions, payments, customer information and operational metrics, even across multiple locations and different types of charging stations.

  • Get insights into margins per charging session and station based on dynamic pricing and costs. Share your margin with location owners, agents, and sales.

  • Expand your network strategically based on market input and traffic potential.

  • Provide excellent customer service and support across multiple channels & social networks. Resolve issues quickly thanks to a well-organized backoffice.

  • Optimize the performance of your charging stations with efficient monitoring and scheduled maintenance.

  • Simplify customer billing and payment processing to save time.

  • Maximize the capacity of your charging stations with the right marketing & loyalty programs.

  • Optimize your margins per charging session with dynamic pricing.

  • Offer flexible B2B pricing packages, tailored to the needs of your customers and market segments.

Integration with various systems & services

You can integrate UMAX for EV with various systems and services, improving efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing the customer experience. This includes integration with:

The complete back-office solution for charging stations
  • EV Charging stations and networks
    To manage charging transactions, collect charging data and automate billing processes.

  • Payment Platforms
    To process payments from EV users for charging services, subscriptions and other related charges.

  • Energy Providers
    To manage energy rates, receive consumption data and facilitate energy billing for EV charging sessions.

  • IoT Platforms
    To collect and analyze data from EV charging stations and vehicles to gain operational insights and plan maintenance.

  • Mobile Apps for EV users
    To find charging stations, start and stop charging sessions, make payments, and receive real-time information on availability and rates.

A UMAX for EV customer: Sparki

Sparki is a fast-growing EV operator whose mission is to build and operate Belgium’s most efficient, ultra-fast EV charging network in prime locations throughout the country.

Sparki chose Itineris for its expertise in robust and scalable platforms that empower energy providers to drive process automation and cost optimization. Other critical factors in the selection process included Itineris’ innovative 360° customer support environment, seamless integration with the CPO vendor, and the ability to provide near real-time visibility into the profitability of their EV Business.


Why UMAX for EV?

UMAX for EV makes your charging stations future-ready for success. It empowers your charging station operations to maximize utilization, optimize margins, and satisfy customers through a range of B2B pricing packages!

UMAX - CRM and ERP Solution for Utilities built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

UMAX for EV &
UMAX/Microsoft Dynamics

UMAX for EV builds on Itineris’ extensive experience with utility-focused solutions and Microsoft Dynamics, tailoring it specifically to the needs of EV operators. This allows EV operators to benefit from scalability, flexibility and built-in security solutions. Moreover, you surf along with the many Microsoft developments in security, AI, machine learning, user interfacing etc.

The underlying infrastructure of Microsoft Dynamics offers a wide range of functionalities, including ERP, CRM, business intelligence and more, allowing companies to manage all their business processes from one integrated platform.

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