UMAX, the only CIS
& CRM solution with natively embedded AI

Enhanced customer experience. Improved operational efficiency. Less demand on your CSRs.

UMAX: CRM and ERP Solution for Utilities built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Everyone claims to offer AI capabilities. For most solutions providers, that means mediocre integrations with an existing AI provider. Not us.

Because our UMAX CIS & CRM is built on Microsoft Dynamics, AI comes natively embedded via Microsoft’s Copilot. No add-ons or clumsy interfaces between standalone tools are required to achieve results. All functionality is consolidated and ready to use out of the box. Check out the articles below to see the many ways UMAX, enhanced with AI, can improve your operations and customer satisfaction.


3 ways AI is transforming how utilities serve customers

The utility sector has long been known for reactive customer service, long wait times, and impersonal responses to inquiries. Much of that has been by necessity: Customer service teams are often hampered by technological obsolescence, manual processes, and high demand that can fluctuate dramatically based on seasons and events (e.g. university move-ins and move-outs). Fortunately, technological advancements have paved the way for tremendous improvements in this space, and they’re more accessible than ever before.

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