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July 1, 2024


Learn why Kass made the switch.

Meet Kass, a Functional Solution Architect who embarked on his journey with Itineris about five years ago. Prior to joining Itineris, he accumulated over 8 years of experience at an American gas and electric utility holding company based in the Southeast. We sat down with Kass to explore his journey, motivations, and insights as he made the switch to our company.

Hello, Kass! To kick off, can you tell us how you first learned about Itineris?

Yes, of course! Before joining Itineris, I worked at an American gas and electric utility holding company. My roles at the time focused on corporate finance in departments such as Treasury and Budgeting, as well as internal IT positions. There was little variation in my job and going beyond my defined duties wasn’t really possible. This lack of diversity in my role made me start thinking about new challenges. I was also becoming a bit tired of the rigid structures of a Fortune 500 company, where expressing one’s voice and making a real impact can be quite challenging.

Kass Rutledge

The lack of diversity in my role made me start thinking about new challenges. I was also becoming a bit tired of the rigid structures of a Fortune 500 company.”

And then you joined our company back in 2019. Looking back, did it turn out to be a good career move?

Yes, without any doubt! What I appreciate a lot is the ability to submit ideas to enhance our software solutions. Here, you can have a real impact on the system and feel valued – you’re not just a number like in a large corporation. The variation in my job is also a big plus. The work changes daily, and if you see something else you want to do, you can always talk about it. I love the freedom to jump into different tasks that need to be done. You never get bored here.

Can you tell us more about your role at Itineris?

Certainly! I began my journey at Itineris by working on the implementation of our UMAX software solution for our largest customer in North America. Initially, I worked on the Finance team, focusing on configuration and testing during the development phase. After that, I was involved in work management and security design until the project went live.

Following that, I expressed my interest in working at our headquarters in Belgium (another advantage of being part of a global company). After moving to Belgium, I joined the team working on an implementation project for the UK’s largest B2B energy company, contributing to various project streams. I then moved back to the US and have been working on a project for another NA customer since then, supporting junior team members and filling in gaps where needed. Notably, we just achieved a significant milestone by going live with the first part of the project!

You can have a tremendous impact on the company’s operations here. I also love the variety of the work and the company’s agility in making changes.”

Sounds exciting! To close off, reflecting on your journey, what differentiates your current experience from your previous roles?

I value the freedom to make decisions, have an impact on the company’s operations, the variety and challenges of the work, and the company’s agility in making changes. But most of all, it’s the people – I really enjoy working with everyone across different borders, which provides diverse perspectives.

Truly inspiring to learn about your journey, Kass. Thanks for sharing your insights!

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