Itineris leading niche player for utilities in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant


October 26, 2018


In a major development, Itineris has been identified by Gartner, Inc. as the leading Niche player for utilities looking to modernize their core customer service and billing solutions

The report, released in June, evaluates the CIS marketplace and provides key insights for utilities as they begin to tool their operations for the demands of the 21st century.

Edgard Vermeersch, CEO of Itineris, states:

“This report validates the Itineris mission to be the leading, global provider of solutions that empower utilities to master industry challenges in smart, flexible ways. From our inception, we made the decision to exploit the Microsoft platform and philosophy to create true value for our customers. It appears we have made the right choice.”

Investments in data & information management

Today’s utilities are mission-critical systems and must meet stringent quality and security standards. At the same time, customers are becoming more demanding – requesting new services and more information about their service utilization. Investments in data and information management must not only be productive, they must also be cost-effective.

Manage customer issues more efficiently

Edgard Vermeersch comments:

“Utilities don’t have the luxury of ‘throwing money’ at a problem. Every investment is carefully monitored for maximum benefit. This is where our UMAX solution has separated itself from our competitors. Our customers get the operational systems that are key to the business, and then leverage their Microsoft investments to give their employees access to the information that they need to manage customer issues more efficiently and understand the underlying trends that are shaping their business going forward.”

Hayden Stafford, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Business Applications, adds:

“Itineris is showing what a talented partner can accomplish by leveraging the Azure platform. As an early adopter, Itineris is setting the standards for both customer and employee interaction with information, made simpler and more secure on the world’s leading cloud environment.”

Sherie Wutschke, CIS Billing Manager and Project Manager for Dakota Electric Association, adds:

“In the end, we decided to team with Itineris and UMAX for one simple reason – it is simply the best CIS available on the market – and we had time to evaluate all the major options available to us. We plan for the long term, and we look forward to decades of successful operation with UMAX.”

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