Meet our Magenta squad: Da Yang, Functional Analyst


March 21, 2023


Da began her job search about 6 months prior to obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University. That’s how she came across Itineris and learned about UMAX, our software solution for utilities.

Da was particularly intrigued by the Finance domain of UMAX. She decided to apply for a Functional Analyst position and has been working at our company for 10 months now.

Time to check in and see how she’s doing!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Da! Let’s start with the moment you decided to choose Itineris. What attracted you most to our company?

You’re very welcome! Well, during my job search, I had interacted with several recruiters, but my experience with Itineris’ Talent Acquisition Partner Dana really stood out. She was so personable and full of positive energy. Following our conversation, Dana invited me to a Career Event held at Itineris’ offices in Atlanta, where I had the opportunity to meet other colleagues. That’s when I realized that this was the company I wanted to work for. It’s really the people who draw me to Itineris.

We’re very happy to hear that! And then you joined our company. How did you experience the support during your first months here?

A few weeks before I started, I received information from Grace, Itineris’ HR Director in North America, about the 8-week Onboarding program for starters. For me that was a confirmation that Itineris really invests in its employees, and that they provide the tools you need to succeed in your role.

In addition, I was also assigned both a People Leader and a Buddy, who were available to answer all my questions. As a recent graduate entering a new work environment, it can be quite overwhelming to navigate your way around. Itineris is putting a lot of effort into creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for new hires. That’s something I highly appreciated.

“Itineris is putting a lot of effort into creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for new hires. That’s something I highly appreciated.”

Da Yang, Functional Analyst, Itineris

Da Yang - City

Sounds great! Can you elaborate a bit more on how a typical day at work looks like for you?

Yes, of course! I am currently working on a project at the City of Baltimore, which happens to be our first customer in North America. We are upgrading our software solution UMAX to the latest cloud version.

Every morning, we start our day with a stand-up call with the project team. That allows us to keep track of everyone’s progress and objectives. We utilize DevOps, a tool that provides a comprehensive overview of assigned tasks and deadlines. For me, that’s really helpful! My tasks can range from creating Business Scenario Documents to providing test components that relate to the documents I prepared. I really like how everything comes together that way.

Are there certain aspects of your job that you enjoy most?

I feel there is trust between me and my peers and Managers. Whenever I am given a task, they have faith in my abilities and are confident that I will ask for help if needed. The feeling of being trusted to work on something without someone constantly supervising me is something I appreciate greatly.

In her spare time, Da likes traveling. She has set a personal objective to visit all 50 state capitals in the United States, having already visited 15 so far. She’s also fond of hiking and has probably traversed every trail in South Lake Tahoe (Northern California), the area where she grew up.

Da Yang - traveling

Do you usually work from home, the office, or both?

Itineris provides flexible options for hybrid working. Twice a week, I am present in the Atlanta office, which allows me to interact with colleagues working on other projects. On the other days, I work from home. Additionally, every quarter, I travel to visit the customer for about four weeks. I really like that as it gives me the opportunity to meet the customer and the project team in person. The variety of work settings is something that I thoroughly enjoy.

Great to hear that! One last question to conclude: If you could give one piece of advice to students looking for their first job, what would that be?

Well, looking for a first job can be daunting. Take your time to research the companies on your wish list, and attend any type of events they organize for new grads. This will give you true insights into what the company is all about, and you’ll get a real sense of the work culture.

That’s great advice to end with! Thanks again for your time Da!

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