Itineris Customer: PZEM


PZEM is a Dutch energy supplier that provides electricity and gas to more than 35,000 medium-sized businesses and large industrial end-users.

PZEM has been a valued Itineris customer since 2008. In 2022, they upgraded to the latest version of our UMAX software solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to support their customer win-back strategy and deal with challenges from the energy transition. Additionally, we implemented process mining technology to further boost their sales efficiency.



As part of its growth strategy, PZEM wanted to enhance its sales processes, making them easier for its staff and customers. They faced slow performance due to a lot of manual work, numerous variations, and bottlenecks in the agreement status flow, which manages the lifecycle of a sales agreement (see visual).

The lack of a streamlined process led to a high cost to serve (CTS) and it hindered the prompt implementation of improvements.

Manual sales process


Microsoft Power Automate Process mining

To address these challenges, we leveraged advanced process mining technology to gain a holistic view of PZEM’s sales processes.

We utilized Microsoft’s Power Automate Process Mining tool, which uses next-generation AI to gain critical insights into business processes. This enabled us to visualize and analyze PZEM’s entire agreement status flow history, uncovering the complete sales journey, from initial quotes to billable contracts.


Reduction in complexity
Reduction in process steps
Reduction in system-performed actions


operational efficiency

We gained clear insights into the lifecycle of an agreement, including when it had changed, the trigger of the change, and the conditions that were met. Additionally, we could visualize performance metrics and process variants, which provided even more insights.

These insights helped us to identify areas where PZEM could streamline its sales process, which significantly improved operational efficiency.


Significant reduction in

Simplifying the sales process led to a remarkable 60% reduction in overall complexity.

Specific enhancements included reducing the steps required to convert initial quotes into billable contracts from 30 to 15, along with an impressive 80% reduction in system-performed actions.


Reduced costs
& happy customers

This led to a significant reduction in the cost-to-serve (CTS) as well as higher customer satisfaction rates.

Moreover, additional metadata – covering product, customer, and service details – can now be included. This can further enrich insights and facilitate future enhancements.

Vincent Meerman - Pzem

“We are truly impressed with the actions taken by the Itineris team to analyze our sales processes and propose areas for improvement. This optimization not only addresses current challenges but also positions us to easily implement future changes and enhancements. This represents an important step forward in our customer engagement strategy, and it solidifies our long-lasting partnership with Itineris.”

Vincent Meerman,
Commercial Manager, PZEM

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