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April 30 – May 2, 2024


Itineris is returning as a gold sponsor for CS Week – Conference 48 in Fort Worth, Texas, from April 30 – May 2.

Meet us at the show to learn about our innovative CIS & CRM solutions the only ones in the industry to feature natively embedded AI—and discover how our award-winning customers are using them to become industry leaders.

Must-see sessions

Data as the oxygen of innovation: BWSC’s success story

May 1, 3:15 PM-4:15 PM

BWSC will discuss their use of machine learning and Generative AI to optimize existing collections and other processes. Given the considerable data BWSC has in its systems, they began a journey with their industry partner to explore ways to better manage and leverage that data to optimize their existing processes, reduce cost to serve and increase customer satisfaction.

In this session, BWSC will explore several successful use cases, including an enhanced collection insights solution in which monthly bills and reminders are sent in a personalized way, as well as how Generative AI is helping optimize operational efficiency, alleviate CSR demand and reduce CSR training time.

Tallahassee’s journey toward becoming an industry leader

1. April 29, 2:15 PM-3:00 PM
Business Cases for Significant CS Transformation

2. May 1, 10:45 AM-11:45 AM
Harnessing the Transformative Powers of Your CIS Implementation

3. May 2, 10:45 AM-11:45 AM
EEA Presentation – Innovation in Digital Engagement (award acceptance and speech)

In 2023, the City of Tallahassee embarked on a journey to replace its legacy CIS and implement a Customer Self-Service portal (CSS). Partnering with Itineris, Tallahassee successfully implemented the UMAX CIS and CSS system, revolutionizing its utility management processes. This implementation led to increased billing accuracy, reduced customer service representative training time, and enhanced the overall customer experience. Tallahassee’s Chief Customer Operations Officer, James Barnes, with whom we closely collaborated during this implementation, will speak about their successful CIS implementation and vision for the future in these three CS Week sessions.

In recognition of their implementation success, CoT has won this year’s CS Week Innovation in Digital Engagement Award, which showcases technologically complex projects that improve services in the meter-to-cash CX lifecycle through digital engagement. CCO James Barnes has won the 2024 Distinguished Leader award for his role in leading the initiative and steering CoT’s multiyear plan for current and future technology initiatives. Congratulations, Tallahassee team!

If you’re interested in learning more about their journey, don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend James’ presentations!
Unable to attend any of the sessions? Read our City of Tallahassee customer case study.

Work smarter, not harder with AI

May 2, 10:45 AM-11:45 AM

In this session, Itineris will discuss how the UMAX CIS solution is empowering CSRs to work smarter, not harder. As a CSR, imagine if you had immediate access to an AI-driven knowledge-based repository, specifically applicable to your daily customer interactions and paired to your utility business rules. How much time would you save if you eliminated the need to hunt for accurate information or extend response times to customer questions? Not only does this put the most relevant information at the fingertips of the CSR, it uses the CIS business logic to suggest the most likely and most applicable next best steps.

Itineris will demonstrate a few examples of how UMAX and its natively integrated Microsoft Copilot provides a seamless AI-powered CSR experience:

  • Create improved customer interactions by leveraging AI-driven knowledge-based learning.

  • Provide well-crafted, intelligent, real-time email and chat responses.

  • Equip your CSRs with immediate summaries of past customer interactions.

Itineris will also highlight Microsoft’s future innovation and how this roadmap will drive evergreen UMAX utility-centric innovation.

Visit us at booth 301

We hope you will attend these inspirational sessions and stop by our booth (#301) to chat with us about your vision for your utility’s aspirations and future plans.

Whether you’re curious about the ways in which natively integrated AI can enhance your business or you want to know more about our modern CIS and CRM solutions, our team is here to answer your questions. Want to touch base before the event? Connect with us or reach out!

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