A CIS with Microsoft power, utility focus

When utilities seek a new Customer Information System, they are often forced to choose between larger software vendors with plentiful resources but weak customer support, and smaller, more customer-centric vendors that lack the technological power of their more sizeable competitors. But what if you could have both?

The upside to working with a large technology vendor? They can invest considerable resources into research and development, security, and product stability. The downside? Most aren’t accessible when it comes to customer service or support when you need them most, and once implementation is complete, you’re entirely on your own.

In an ideal world, you could have the muscle and scalability of a larger technology vendor paired with the agility and customer-centricity of a boutique enterprise. Instead of hastily implementing your system and moving on to the next customer, the vendor you select for your customer information system (CIS) replacement would stick around to help you get on your feet and master the technology to ensure you and your customers are receiving maximum benefit from your investment. Good news: That option does exist.

The Itineris + Microsoft connection


Most utilities already use Microsoft products in their day-to-day operations (who hasn’t sent an email via Outlook or created slides in PowerPoint?). Many also rely on Microsoft’s Active Directory to protect their data and that of their customers. So why not select a CIS built on the Microsoft platform, too? Itineris’ UMAX a utility-focused CIS/CRM solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, so it seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products already in your tech stack, as there’s no need for clumsy, unreliable interfaces. Plus, imagine how much easier it would be for your team to adopt a CIS with an already-familiar user interface!

Updates instead of upgrades

Whereas other CIS platforms require costly and comprehensive forklift upgrades every few years, Itineris utilizes the Microsoft One-V model, which provides more approachable updates seven times a year. Our customers only need to accept the update, much as one does when a computer requires an OS update. They receive new features and functionality with each release, significantly decreasing the total cost of ownership and ensuring they are always running the most current, fully equipped version of UMAX. These updates include security patches, NIST 800 compliance, third-party interfaces, and custom development informed by customer feedback and industry trends. All updates and patches are validated via thorough regression testing to ensure uninterrupted service.

The technology beneath

The extensive Microsoft ecosystem offers numerous tools that come natively embedded in UMAX and can enhance a utility’s operations. Need insightful data visualization? We have Microsoft Power BI. Looking to automate business processes and equip your team with the ability to build low-code, quick-to-deploy apps? We have Microsoft PowerApps. Not to be overlooked amidst that suite of products is Microsoft Copilot, the industry-leading AI tool informed by the latest OpenAI language models and natively embedded in UMAX. Itineris customers don’t require add-ons or interfaces to other standalone AI tools to realize the numerous operational efficiencies AI has to offer. All functionality is consolidated and ready to use out of the box, something no other CIS vendor offers today.


In an age of constantly evolving cybersecurity threats, a strong security posture is more crucial than ever before, particularly in the heavily targeted utility industry. But you can rest easy knowing your business-critical processes and data will always be available and secure, because Microsoft boasts more security certifications than any other cloud provider on the planet. UMAX benefits from the state-of-the-art, multi-layered security provided by Microsoft across physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations in the Azure cloud. Azure itself is built with customized hardware, has security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components, and boasts added protections against threats such as DDoS.


A CIS combining the resources of a large technology vendor with the expertise and customer-centricity of a utility-oriented enterprise offers tremendous benefits. These include user-friendly software with next-generation features, continuous updates, infinite scalability, and a robust security network. That’s exactly what you get with UMAX, our AI-enhanced CIS/CRM solution for utilities, powered by Microsoft.

UMAX by Itineris
UMAX by Itineris

UMAX empowers your utility with robust, AI-powered data management capabilities, enabling you to efficiently collect, analyze, and act upon vast amounts of customer data. This includes data from smart meters, insights gained during the sales journey, payment behavior of customer groups, and feedback from customer service interactions such as sentiment. Moreover, thanks to its flexible nature, UMAX seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions.

UMAX is a set of modern, configurable Customer Information System (CIS), CRM, Asset and Field Services Management solutions, specifically designed for utilities and developed on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. UMAX is natively integrated with Microsoft’s Copilot AI, making it a powerful and flexible solution for all your business needs. Our solutions simplify daily tasks through automation and user-defined workflows, supported by insightful analytics and actionable data.

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