Advancing your Career through Continuous Feedback


February 23, 2021


In a fast-paced business environment – with employees spread across multiple sites or working remotely – creating a feedback culture and greater transparency between teams has become more important than ever.

But how to achieve that?

At the beginning of this year, we launched Continuous Feedback at Itineris.

We sat down with Itineris’s HR Business Partner Evelien Gaublomme. She has been involved in this project from the very beginning.

Hi Evelien. First of all, why did Itineris decide to introduce Continuous Feedback?

Our people are at the heart of what we do. For us, it is essential that they feel motivated at work and that they can develop their skills to advance their career. One way to achieve this is to create an environment in which giving and getting feedback is part of the company culture.

That is why we decided to introduce Continuous Feedback at Itineris.

Sounds interesting. But how do you apply that in practice?

We launched a new platform – Leapsome – that supports the Continuous Feedback process. All our employees have access to this platform. They can use it to manage their objectives, to give or receive feedback anytime, praise colleagues, book regular Check-In meetings with their Manager, and consult their development plan.

Evelien Gaublomme, HR Business Partner, Itineris - talking about Continous Feedback

In the end, the Continuous Feedback culture will also lead to happier and more confident teams, and that is something we are continuously striving for.

What does Itineris want to achieve with this new way of working?

The main objective is to build a feedback culture. Feedback should become a natural, safe and positive part of our company culture. In order to learn and to further develop, it is important that employees can discuss their strengths and areas of development openly on a regular basis. It creates a climate of trust and transparency. In the end, it will also lead to happier and more confident teams, and that’s something we are continuously striving for.

Last but not least: how do you ensure Continuous Feedback will become part of the company’s DNA?

Let’s be honest: creating a feedback culture will take some time to grow and develop. In the coming months, we will guide our employees through this new process with tips and tricks. We will encourage them to actively use the new Platform and to regularly give and ask for feedback. Supported by our Business Leaders, we are confident this new way of working will soon find its way into the company.

Thanks for the chat Evelien!

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