How to create a seamless customer experience

Today, utility customers want to be able to optimize their energy bill, use the eco-friendly energy sources they want, and have the freedom to select the service provider of their preference. They also expect a seamless customer experience, just like they are used to from businesses like Amazon or Apple.

Key to delivering a consistently excellent customer experience is gaining a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey.

The customer journey

The customer journey encompasses all the interactions and touchpoints that a customer has with a utility over time. By gaining a deep understanding of this journey, you can effectively grasp the needs and expectations of your customers, identify pain points and areas of improvement, and foster tailored and seamless experiences that resonate with your customers.

Customer journey maps for a personalized approach

To offer a personalized approach, utility companies can categorize their customers and create customer journey maps for various processes, including customer onboarding and the introduction of new products or services.

Here are three examples:

  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY EXAMPLE 1 – Switching energy provider

    Switching energy providers for a better deal or access to different energy is a common customer journey in deregulated states.

    You can simplify this process with marketing campaigns, a quote & join portal, automated lead scoring, and customizable onboarding capabilities.

Switching energy providers
Renewable energy
  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY EXAMPLE 2: Installing renewable energy systems

    Customers who are interested in installing renewable energy systems, such as solar panels or wind turbines, may go through a complex journey that involves evaluating the feasibility and costs of different renewable energy options, obtaining quotes from contractors, and getting any necessary approvals or permits.

    You can support your customers in this journey by offering leasing contracts or an online tool allowing them to configure the products that best suit their unique situation.

  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY EXAMPLE 3: Vulnerable customers

    Utility companies are encountering a growing population of customers who face difficulties in meeting their bill payments. It has become crucial to identify and categorize these vulnerable customers.

    Eligible customers may benefit from registering for specialized government measures, or they may qualify for assistance programs.

    By knowing who your vulnerable customers are you can provide targeted support. This may include help with budgeting, advice on energy-saving measures and assistance with switching to a more suitable energy plan.

Vulnerable customer journey

In conclusion, delivering an exceptional customer experience is crucial for utilities, and understanding the customer journey is key to achieving this. By leveraging a modern CIS like Itineris’ UMAX, you can create personalized and seamless customer experiences for various customer journeys, such as switching energy providers, installing renewable energy systems, and supporting vulnerable customers. With UMAX, you can streamline your processes, offer better services and products, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

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