5 steps companies can take to improve operations and unlock new revenue opportunities

Recent research by Goldsmiths, the University of London, and Microsoft found that UK companies could provide an extra £48 billion to the economy if they made simple tech and talent changes. The research indicates that a failure to fully embrace technology is harming businesses.

The research suggests a few steps that companies can take to improve their operations and unlock new revenue opportunities:

  1. Invest in agility and change management – focus on agile solutions related to remote working, data analytics, and security.
  2. Focus on diversity and inclusion – avoid the risk of becoming an echo chamber, which can limit creativity and potential.
  3. Build automation services – use technology to remove repetitive tasks and free up staff to work on more complex issues.
  4. Develop data analytics capabilities – the intelligent use of data can be the difference between survival and failure for companies.
  5. Shore up your security – given the shift towards remote working, security has become more important than ever.
Microsoft partners

“The key here is that Microsoft’s partners are a perfect fit for the idealised model for competitiveness – talent, technology capabilities, expertise, digital skills and adaptability. Our partners are hiring new staff with cutting-edge digital skills, they are using cloud-based technology in innovative ways to solve problems for customers and they actively plan for the future to meet changing trends in the marketplace. James Chadwick, Interim General Manager of One Commercial Partner at Microsoft UK

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In one of our recent blog posts, we shared 5 findings that significantly influence Utilities’ cost to serve when investing in a new cloud-based Customer Information System (CIS). A highly configurable, modern CIS system allows Utilities to keep up with ever-changing needs quickly and efficiently, while keeping their employees and customers engaged.

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