Working as a Functional Analyst at Itineris: meet Robin and Febe


February 10, 2021


Last year we met Robin and Febe during one of the job fairs in which we participated. We felt a “click”, and they became part of our Itineris family.

In the meantime, a year has passed. Time to check how they are doing and why they chose Itineris in the first place.

Hello Robin and Febe! First of all, tell us: what do you do at Itineris?

Robin: I started working at Itineris in September, after having obtained my degree in Commercial Engineering. I am currently working on a project for a large energy customer in the UK. We are in the middle of implementing our software UMAX.

Febe: I started a month earlier than Robin – in August. I work both on our UMAX solution and for one of our customers, Guernsey Electricity. I have a degree in Commercial Engineering – with a specialization in Data Analytics.

How did you get in touch with us?

Robin: Quite by coincidence! During a job fair last year, I walked past the Itineris booth, where I was approached by 2 Itineris employees, although ambassadors might be a better word! What especially struck me was the enthusiasm with which they talked about their job. It seemed as if I was one of their colleagues already! That human aspect appealed to me enormously. In addition, the job of Functional Analyst also seemed very varied to me. The opportunity to travel – Itineris has clients in the Netherlands, France, UK, and North America – was also a plus for me.

Febe: I came into contact with Itineris for the first time at the VEK job fair. When I read the job description of Functional Analyst, I was immediately sold! You can immerse yourself in the complex business processes of utility companies and get to know the UMAX software in all its facets. I also thought Itineris was the perfect size for a company: small enough to get to know everyone personally, but also big enough to become a major player.

Robin Tack, Functional Analyst at Itineris

Robin: hanging out with friends, quizzes, and watching basketball.
Febe: Sports, music, and gaming.

What does a traditional day look like for you as a Functional Analyst at Itineris?

Robin: In the morning I always go over the planning. I check whether I need to make adjustments to our UMAX software, prepare presentations for the customer, or investigate a certain functionality. In the afternoon we often give presentations or workshops for the customer. We go deeper into their needs and see how we can meet them. After the presentation, we immediately start working on the agreed actions.

Febe: I divide my time between working on our UMAX software and on the customer. By working on the software I get a good idea about the different modules and possibilities. This knowledge comes in handy in my work for the customer. For example, I recently conducted some online training sessions for customer employees to show them how the software works and how to use it to its full potential. That was quite exciting, and fortunately it all went well. You cannot imagine how much I am looking forward to the day I can provide onsite training again!

Do you feel you are being guided well?

Robin: Yes, definitely! I am very satisfied with the guidance from our Lead Functional Consultant, Leonie. For example, she coaches me in making customer presentations. She is also always available for other questions. In addition, there is a monthly consultation with the Product Manager & HR Business Partner, where we can express all our needs or concerns. They also actually deal with them afterwards. Finally, there are a lot of manuals about the different processes and functionalities of our software that we can always rely on.

Febe: Yes, definitely! For example, the fact that I would be giving a training session for the customer, which is not obvious as a newbie, was well discussed with the Project Manager beforehand. At my request, my buddy – Margot – was also present during my first training. That gave me a secure feeling: Margot could always take over if I couldn’t answer certain questions. I am therefore very satisfied with the way the team takes care of me!

Febe Moens, Functional Analyst at Itineris

Fun Facts:
Diving on the great barrier reef
is on top of Robin’s Bucket List.
Besides working at Itineris, Febe also has a plant and flower shop. Curious what that looks like? Then you should follow her Instagram page on boutique.botanique.

What appeals most to you in your job?

Robin: It is a very varied job, which I personally find very important. Every day brings something new. Our software has many facets. I still learn every day, and there is also room for suggestions to make the software even better. In addition, working for Itineris is simply fun. With the other starters, we now have a separate group on Microsoft Teams, and we regularly organize an After Work drink (virtually of course!) – we have become real friends!

Febe: For me, the opportunity to work directly with the client was an important reason to choose Itineris. It’s also great that the company gives you that responsibility as a Junior. That shows that they have faith in their employees. I also think it is an added value that we can deliver an end product to the client, it is not just consultancy. Moreover, we can customize the product to meet the needs of our customers. That gives me a lot of satisfaction!

In the current COVID-19 era, it was not always easy to get in touch with other colleagues, but still Itineris made the effort to keep the team together. For example, a calendar was launched with fun challenges every day to count down to the new year, there was an online New Year’s drink, for Saint Nicholas we received a box with tasty snacks, … In short, a great company to work for!

Life at Itineris

Thank you so much for the chat Robin and Febe! We are very happy to have you in our team!

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