Trends Gazellen 2016 Award


March 3, 2016


Belgian business and finance magazine Trends has named Itineris among its “Trends Gazellen 2016.”

The award recognizes “fast-growing companies, or ‘gazelles’, that are an integral part of our economic landscape. Companies included in the Trends Gazellen 2016 ranking are always strong and competitive companies in their fields and for their region.”

A sign of company growth

Itineris previously won the award for the East Flanders region in 2008 in the small businesses category. This year, however, the Gent-based firm was honored in the “large enterprises” category, which includes companies with annual revenues above 10 million Euros.

The category progression reflects Itineris’ growth in recent years, both in its home European markets and in the North American utilities market.

According to Trends, the award is for [translation] “Brussels and Flemish companies that have grown the fastest in terms of sales (or gross margin for small businesses), in terms of personnel and in terms of cash flow for the period 2010-2014, based on information from the Business Trends Top Database.”

As recipient of the award for the East Flanders region, Itineris is now eligible to win the national title “Trends Gazellen Ambassador 2016,” to be awarded in Brussels on March 16, 2016.

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