Itineris joins The Pink March to raise awareness about breast cancer


June 7, 2021


Our company joined ‘De Roze Mars’, a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer. Together with 27 enthusiastic colleagues, we committed to taking at least 10,000 steps a day during the entire month of May.

It was a blast!

Our team finished 27th with 10300726 steps, that’s 7240 kilometers!  And, even more importantly, they got inspired to adopt and continue a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, De Roze Mars was a great success: a total of 31,622 enthusiasts took on the fight against breast cancer, and together they walked around the world more than 135 times in just 31 days.

Itineris joins the Pink March

Kudos to all colleagues that joined this initiative.

And now: up to the next challenge! ?

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