Georgetown Utility Systems Live on UMAX CIS


October 8, 2018


Itineris and Georgetown Utility Systems reached an important milestone, with a successful go-live and first month’s operation on UMAX

The Go-Live of UMAX, a new generation Customer Information System at Georgetown Utility Systems (GUS) represents another step in Itineris’ growth in the North America market. GUS is the third customer live on UMAX in North America with two more scheduled for 2019.

UMAX replaces GUS’s legacy system that had reached the end of its effectiveness, to assist GUS in its goals for customer service, decision making and business process improvement. The City wished to acquire a new solution that could be configured to provide the full range of CIS capabilities using proven state-of-the-art technology and best practices for planning, controlling and accounting for the City’s business activities and resources.

Leticia Zavala, Customer Care Director, GUS:

“The teamwork shown by the GUS staff and Itineris was inspiring. We were very happy we met our delivery objectives together.”

John Beddingfield, President, Itineris North America, adds:

” We are thrilled to have reached this milestone with GUS. The Go-Live and GUS’s successful operations continues to demonstrate the compelling capabilities of UMAX to support utilities in North America.”

Industry-leading Customer Service

The project, codenamed Genesis, was envisioned by the city as the future of customer service capabilities.

We asked our staff to dream big – we built the presentations with a Star Trek theme, to emphasize the changes we expected.” said Mike Babin, Deputy General Manager, GUS. “Utilities plan with a longer time horizon than private corporations, so the decisions we make need to accommodate change. We found that working with Itineris, we had a partner that shared a common vision of what utilities were going to be in the next decades.

A Modern Technology Platform

GUS saw the new CIS as the hub of a powerful and integrated information system with capabilities across all aspects of managing a modern utility. In addition to timely and accurate statements for customers, the CIS interacts with the city’s meter data management solution, enterprise asset management, and diverse customer payment options, keeping all the data secure and accessible in real-time to the users and customers. Also, the information presented to the users and managers will allow real-time decision-making based on predictive criteria for investigation, trending, and alerting. UMAX utilizes Microsoft’s Power BI and SRS platforms for customized workspaces for specific users.

About Georgetown Utility Systems

Itineris Customer: GeorgetownGeorgetown Utility Systems (“GUS”), a division of the City, constructs, maintains, and operates the City’s utility infrastructure, serving the citizens of Georgetown and surrounding territory with electricity, water, and wastewater services. The Division also maintains positive working relationships with outside organizations, coordinates contracts with the private sector, and oversees and coordinates citizens’ programs.

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