Make the switch from Utilities to IT: meet Wayne, Principal Functional Consultant


April 15, 2024


Learn why Wayne made the switch.

Wayne Welbourn joined Itineris in 2022 as a Principal Functional Consultant after an impressive career at leading international energy giants like E.ON, British Gas, npower (now part of E.ON Group) and RWE. We sat down with Wayne to delve into his journey, motivations, and insights as he transitioned from the utilities sector to IT.

Hi Wayne. Can you tell us how you first crossed paths with Itineris?

I first learned about Itineris through a former colleague, David, who works as a Senior Functional Consultant within the company. David knew I was looking for a new challenge and recommended exploring opportunities at Itineris, based on his positive experiences. That’s how the ball started rolling.

Wayne Welbourn

A permanent position at a globally established company with a focus on utilities and many growth opportunities. That was exactly what I was looking for!.”

What influenced your decision to switch from the utilities sector to an IT company?

At the start of my career in the utility industry, I primarily operated as a user of software solutions, with a focus on billing tasks. As time progressed, I transitioned towards project-based roles. Over the past nine years, my responsibilities have expanded to encompass backend tasks, data migration activities, and collaboration with software vendors. That made the transition to an IT company feel very natural.

Additionally, after years as a contractor, I was looking for stability in a permanent role, which Itineris offered, along with an attractive benefits package. Itineris recently obtained UK registration, which even further enhanced the benefits for UK staff. The opportunity to work for a company specializing in software solutions for utilities, aligned perfectly with my background.

Additionally, the opportunity of being part of a company with a global presence, spanning Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, and North America, added an exciting dimension to the role. Meanwhile, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Ghent multiple times, which is a lovely city, I must say! 😊

“Drawing from my experience, I can offer valuable insights into the specifics of the UK energy industry and its associated processes. Additionally, I truly appreciate the customer-facing dimension of my role, as well as the opportunity to mentor and onboard junior team members.”

How does your expertise in the utilities sector contribute to your work at Itineris?

Currently, I’m involved in the implementation of our software at a major UK Energy Supplier. I am working within the billing domain, which aligns closely with my background. Drawing from my experience, I’ve been able to provide insights into the specifics of the UK energy industry and its associated processes.

My current responsibilities include offering hypercare and floorwalking support, with a typical schedule of three weeks on-site with the customer and one week remote. The customer-facing aspect of my role is something that truly energizes me.

I also actively participate in the onboarding and training of junior team members, which is another aspect of my role that I thoroughly enjoy.

Looking back, what sets your current experience apart from your previous roles?

One particular aspect I truly appreciate is the growth opportunities that are offered here. As an employee, you can progress through various roles: starting as a Functional Analyst, you can advance to become a Senior and eventually a Principal Functional Consultant. You can also explore diverse roles, from working on the product to customer projects. Everyone seems to be quite open to people showing an interest in other areas. Personally, I recently accepted the role of Lead for our billing team, which I am very excited about!

Thanks for sharing your insights, Wayne!

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