Itineris Customer: New York City Department of Environmental Protection

New York City Department of Environmental Protection

  • Company Headquarters: New York, USA
  • Company Size: 7,500 employees
  • Industry: Water utility


NYC DEP delivers more than 1.1 billion US gallons of clean water to more than 9 million New Yorkers each day via a 6,500-mile distribution system. The utility also collects New York City’s wastewater through a vast network of underground pipes, regulators, and pumping stations.

These considerable responsibilities were made even more challenging by the utility’s reliance on an end-of-life legacy customer information system (CIS).

That is why NYC DEP sought a replacement CIS solution that would align with their digital transformation strategy and help them fulfill their vision of becoming a world-class water and wastewater utility.


After an extensive evaluation process, NYC DEP selected UMAX as the best solution to fulfill their meter-to-cash, customer service, mobile work management, and business intelligence requirements.

The cloud-based implementation of UMAX enabled the utility to:

  • Institute efficient access to critical decision-making information throughout the utility,
  • Achieve faster, more reliable business processes through operational efficiencies such as automated workflows and queue management,
  • Empower end users with an enhanced customer experience and additional self-service capabilities, which also reduced inquiries and turnaround times,
  • Flexibly adapt to future requirements such as rates, service orders, workforce management planning, and more.

The addition of UMAX’s streamlined customer service representative portal (CSR 360) also equipped NYC DEP with valuable tools such as first-call resolution and seamless integration with other key applications.


Amid COVID restrictions, the implementation of UMAX at NYC DEP had to be performed entirely remotely. Further complicating the implementation, just prior to go-live weekend, Hurricane Ida struck the NYC area, causing immense destruction and significant flooding. But in a display of perseverance and tenacity, Itineris and NYC DEP worked through these setbacks together to successfully launch UMAX on time and within budget in September, 2021.

Today, more than 500 NYC DEP employees use UMAX daily.

It has successfully consolidated numerous technological silos within different functional business units at the utility, cohesively bringing them onto a single platform for more efficient performance.

With UMAX and its powerful integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance, Itineris was able to help NYC DEP improve their business analytics, customer empowerment tools, and digitization while automating manual processes.

“With Itineris we have found a true partner. They are laser-focused on the utilities market and have a deep understanding of our business. We went through extremely challenging circumstances during the implementation, and Itineris stood with us to make the project an amazing success

Cecil McMaster,
Business Information Officer,
New York City Department of Environmental Protection

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