Itineris Customer: Dunea


  • Company Headquarters: the Netherlands
  • Company Size: 500 employees
  • Industry: Water utility


Dunea produces and supplies drinking water to approximately 1.3 million customers in the western part of South Holland, the Netherlands. They also manage the dunes between Monster and Katwijk, and protect the drinking water production in that area.

The company manages more than 40,000 km of pipelines, of which they replace more than 75 km each year.

In order to better respond to the evolving needs of their customers, Dunea decided to start looking for a new CIS and ERP solution – in line with their strategic objectives:

  • connecting their various business processes in 1 solution, resulting in better customer service;
  • simplifying their ICT landscape, making them more agile – while decreasing the cost to serve;
  • increasing efficiency and better managing the provision of information.


Dunea chose UMAX as a replacement for 3 legacy solutions in which they used to manage clients, finance, procurement, logistics, and pipelines.

The implementation of UMAX also allowed them to:

  • Launch a Customer Self-Service Portal – fully integrated with UMAX – in which Dunea customers can easily manage their account details, enter meter readings, register a move, view their invoice, …
  • Effectively handle defects such as water leaks: Dunea’s field service engineers are using the GIS-enabled UMAX Mobile Application to detect and solve defects. The information is automatically forwarded to the UMAX CIS, turning data from defects into actionable insights in real-time.
  • Proactively communicate with their customers: the integration between the UMAX Mobile Application, the UMAX CIS and GIS empowers Dunea to perform targeted communication in case of planned works on pipelines or malfunctions.


We implemented our UMAX CIS and ERP solution at Dunea in one year time. In a second phase, we also implemented Asset Management. All business processes are now connected in 1 solution, which significantly improved the experience of their customers and staff:

  • The Customer Self-Service Portal provides personalized and self-service solutions for their customers, which increases customer engagement while decreasing the Cost to Serve.
  • In case of defects, a technician can now be scheduled immediately.
  • The Dunea field service crew made a lot of progress in managing the more than 15,000 unplanned assignments per year: the UMAX Mobile Application and the GEO Locator functionality provide a clear overview of unplanned assignments near the location where a field service engineer is working. This allows them to efficiently intervene between different planned assignments – significantly reducing travel times.

“Thanks to the excellent collaboration with Itineris, we have successfully completed our Wave (Working on Connection) program. The implementation of UMAX, in combination with its powerful Microsoft integration, has significantly improved our customer service, made our business processes more efficient, and reduced overall ICT costs. Proud of the result we achieved together!”

Rebecca van Es,
Program Manager

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