Accelerating digital transformation for Utilities: Itineris attracts senior talent


January 29, 2021


Welcoming Valerina De Lille and Tim Musschoot to the Europe Integrated Utilities management team

We are delighted to expand our Europe Integrated Utilities team with two key hires: Valerina De Lille and Tim Musschoot. They will support us in accelerating the adoption of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform and further unlocking its full potential for Utilities. This way we will be able to even better support Utility companies on their digital transformation journey.

Four decades of experience

Valerina and Tim are adding 4 decades of experience to the team. Valerina has a strong track record in Finance Management, Business Consultancy, Software Development, and Business Intelligence. Tim is a seasoned Business and Solution architect experienced in enterprise and business transformation projects. Moreover, they both have a deep understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Unlocking the full potential for Utilities

In the past few years, Microsoft has invested a lot in developing cloud-based apps. These apps help companies achieve business process automation, business intelligence, and workplace modernization. It basically enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and to increase customer engagement.

Itineris develops and implements CRM & CIS Solutions designed for Utilities and natively integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. By adding the expertise of Tim and Valerina, we can now further unlock the full potential of the platform for the Utility industry.

Kris Marlein - VP Europe Integrated Utilities

Kris Marlein, VP Integrated Utilities Europe at Itineris, comments:

“Technology is an important enabler, but essentially digital transformation is done by people. We are now combining Tim and Valerina’s strong Dynamics 365 background with the many years of utility expertise we already have in the company. It is this blend between technology and our deep industry and business process knowledge where we truly make a difference in the market.”

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