Go great as an intern.

Get a taste of working at Itineris even before you graduate.

Each year, we welcome different students to perform their internship as a
Developer (Technical Consultant) or a Functional Analyst at our company.

Will you be the next to join our Magenta squad as an intern?

How we’ll set you up for success:

  • Receive coaching and support from a buddy and a mentor.
  • Join our Onboarding Program for valuable insights about our company, the utility sector, and our software solutions.
  • Enjoy a wide range of training opportunities to further enhance your skills and expertise.
  • Work with our experienced colleagues and make meaningful contributions to our software development or international consulting projects.
  • And, most importantly, get to experience the Itineris vibe firsthand.

After finishing your internship, we’ll offer you the option to become a permanent employee.

Don’t miss this unique chance to kick-start your career with Itineris!

Bram De Coster - Internship

“I had the opportunity to work on several innovative technologies and applications during my internship. I was very happy with the support I received from my mentor and buddy, and also really enjoyed the interaction with fellow interns.”

Bram De Coster,
Technical Analyst – intern in 2023

“During my internship, I could contribute to a customer project, which was really exciting. The support I received was excellent, and the feedback was helpful and motivating!”

Hanne Van Geystelen,
Functional Analyst – intern in 2021

Hanne Van Geystelen, Functional Analyst at Itineris

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Catherine De Wulf

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Why we call ourselves

Go further, together at Itineris. We’re a team of passionate professionals delivering innovative software solutions for energy and water utilities. We foster a culture of realness, daring, and caring and are committed to each other’s success.

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