UMAX & Operations

Built for the business of utilities

UMAX 365 is designed to support the unique business needs of utilities, leveraging the power of Microsoft’s integrated, flexible Dynamics 365 enterprise platform in ways that drive greater operational value.

Down with data silos

As data silos across information systems come down, so do operational roadblocks across the utility organization.

UMAX’s modern architecture is built for integration with solutions across the utility technology landscape–including native integration with the entire Microsoft ecosystem of applications and tools.

The result is fewer technical hurdles to getting business done and greater flexibility to fit each utility’s evolving business needs.

Flexibility to meet business needs today … and tomorrow

“Cloud solution” no longer equals rigidity. Rather, the Microsoft cloud is giving UMAX and a large portfolio of other business applications the ability to connect and flex like never before.


Connectivity and integration is at the heart of Microsoft’s cloud-powered platform.

Development and delivery—both from Itineris and Microsoft—is focused on configuration flexibility rather than customization.

Microsoft AppSource is making business applications available in a manner similar to how we buy mobile apps.

Microsoft PowerApps & Flow enable utilities to create apps and workflows with no-code simplicity, to rapidly prototype new tools and adapt functionality as workflows evolve.

Focus on managing business processes rather than maintaining software, enjoying the ease of cloud-based updates and Itineris expert support services.

Empower employees

Two call center reps conducting trainingFamiliar Microsoft productivity tools such as Outlook, Word, OneNote and Excel become powerful components of business workflows, integrating with and sharing data across core business systems.

Real-time collaboration can be configured according to each utility’s business workflows through native Microsoft applications, including Office 365, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer–including a variety of compatible business solutions available via Microsoft AppSource.

Rapid onboarding & training

Microsoft applications have been at the heart of end-user daily productivity for decades.

UMAX continues that user experience, with familiar navigation and intuitive business process workflows.


Modern and familiar Microsoft-style user experience across applications.

Microsoft productivity apps—Outlook, Excel, Skype and more—integrated natively into business workflows.

Rapid onboarding for new employees and higher-turnover roles.

Reduced training time during roll-out of UMAX solutions.

Task guides via built-in Microsoft Life Cycle Services tools.

Embedded business intelligence, analytics & reporting

Microsoft Excel has been the workhorse of reporting and analytics for decades and served as the development foundation for Microsoft’s modern Power BI solutions.

UMAX leverages a common data model with these Microsoft intelligence, analytics and reporting solutions to deliver greater awareness, reporting and decision making information for utilities.



One-click export to Excel is available throughout UMAX, making it easy for end-users to configure record data for analysis and then easily create Excel reports.

Power BI

“Embedded Analytics” are now a reality as Microsoft continues to refine and integrate it’s Power BI solutions across the enterprise. UMAX leverages this integration and shared data model to place business intelligence in the hands of decision makers and end-users alike.


As Microsoft continues to invest in its Cortana artificial intelligence platform, Itineris is looking at ways to deliver benefits specific to the needs of utility organizations.

Want to talk specifics?

Every utility organization has its own set of unique business and technology needs. We’d love to chat about yours.

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