UMAX & Customer Service

Customer Service: Engage and Enhance

UMAX 365 delivers the flexibility and features to engage today’s customers on their terms,
across channels while enhancing the meter-to-cash business processes of utilities.

Engage customers on their terms

Many utilities are forced by the limitations of their legacy customer information system to “bolt-on” solutions in order to bridge the gap between engagement capabilities and customer expectations.

UMAX, however, is built on a modern technology platform with “connectivity” at its core, enabling utilities to adapt to changing communications trends and deliver enhanced service to customers on their terms and schedules.

UMAX offers a suite of native, built-in customer engagement tools as well as the ability integrate easily integrate with customer-facing solutions utilities already have in place.

Utility customer engagement with UMAX

Enhance customer service

Data is the key to enhancing customer experiences.

UMAX connects customer data across the CIS, CRM and ERP spectrum–as well as other utility-specific systems of record.

By lowering these barriers to moving data across the organization, UMAX enables utilities to deliver enhanced service at every customer touch point.

Provide intelligent,
efficient call
resolution by
giving agents
a 360-degree view
of the customer.

Empower customers
with account
information and
self-service tools.

Process payments
and send notices
via mobile apps,
email or SMS

Tailor communications
with customers
across channels.

Promote relevant products and programs to enhance the customer relationship.

UMAX Front Office

A call center portal designed for efficient, intelligent service

UMAX Front Office empowers customer service agents to resolve customer needs quickly and with quality, by placing the right information easily within reach in a streamlined, single-screen portal built for utility call centers.

Front Office also improves data capture and reduces training time through built-in workflows, customized to your business processes–and easily adaptable as business needs change.

  •  Intuitive Microsoft-style interface
  •  Streamlined single-screen data access
  •  Always-up account details and alerts
  •  Workflow wizards for easy, error-free data handling
  •  Rapid onboarding
  •  Built-in geodata maps
  •  One-click export to Excel for quick reporting

UMAX Front Office Call Center Screen Shot

Want to talk specifics?

Every utility organization has its own set of unique business and technology needs. We’d love to chat about yours.

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