UMAX 365 is a connected, flexible customer information system
built for today’s utilities on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Leveraging the Microsoft cloud, UMAX 365 is helping utilities modernize and streamline customer care,
billing and operations by breaking down the barriers between CIS, CRM and ERP.

Customer Service

Designed for today. Ready for tomorrow.

Customer expectations are evolving rapidly, and so are the ways we conduct business. UMAX 365 delivers the flexibility and features needed to engage with today’s utility customers–and tomorrow’s–on their terms.

Apps, website, social, SMS, call center, counter …
wherever customers do business with you, be ready to deliver data-enriched service.

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Remove your roadblocks.

UMAX 365 leverages the Microsoft cloud and Dynamics 365 to connect CIS with other mission-critical utility systems.

As information moves more easily across the organization, people, activities and intelligence integrate to form a shared stream of operational performance.

Connected Systems

UMAX 365 connects CIS to ERP, CRM, MDM, ASM, AVLS and other utility information systems.


Outlook, Excel, Skype, SharePoint and other familiar applications become key components of utility workflows.

Business Intelligence

Embedded analytics and a connected application ecosystem deliver insights for customer service and operations.

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Information Technology

Build a platform for performance.

Developed on and fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, UMAX 365 delivers the entire Microsoft ecosystem of cloud-driven solutions, sharing a common data model, running on a 21st-century technology stack, with unparalleled access to support resources.

UMAX 365 makes supporting business users easier by placing more features typically dependent on IT into the hands of end-users, while still ensuring IT teams are able to maintain security, access control and infrastructure stability.

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