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Project Description

Since 2009, Delta Zakelijk (Delta) now called PZEM has utilized UMAX to automate and manage billing and processing of market-transactions with its customers. Amid rapid growth, number of connections grew by more than a factor 4, UMAX  has enabled PZEM to easily manage this growth with the same number of staff.

UMAX provides standard all the functionality needed to support energy supliers, including support for CRM, billing, customer care, meter data management and more. PZEM is able to send email/letters to customers requesting meter read data and then processes the replies automatically. Customers can define volumes and prices in different ways, and PZEM can easily adjust quotes and information according to the requirements of the customer.

Management extracts useful numbers from the system by a simple press of a button. Scores for volumes, margins, premiums, number of connections, contracts, outstanding invoices, payment behavior and so on. These numbers form the foundation for Delta customer interactions and make it possible to work proactively and adapt when necessary.

product & services DELIVERED

  • UMAX for multi-commodity B2C & B2B
  • Itineris utility consultancy
  • Itineris implementation service
  • Itineris support services
In the future we want through our ‘energy strategies’ to bring customers and the energy market closer together. For this you need an automated, flexible and solid foundation, such as UMAX.

With UMAX I can provide my services, and Delta Zakelijk (now PZEM) can serve its customers, at a high level.

Vincent Meerman,
Manager Business Support – Delta Zakelijk (now PZEM)

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