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Project Description

Gazprom EnergyGazprom Energy is the retail arm of London-based Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd., an award-winning business energy supplier with a passion for customer service and the backing of one of the world’s largest energy companies.

Gazprom Energy selected Itineris’ UMAX customer information system (CIS) as part of a focused business transformation project to enhance core business processes and service to its customers.

The integrated UMAX CIS solution, built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, replaces a large number of disparate legacy systems and thus delivers better alignment, consistency and communication among the different departments at Gazprom Energy.

Furthermore, this transformation will enable the company to tackle emerging industry challenges while continuing its strong growth record.

The flexibility of UMAX operating on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform is key in supporting the unique operational profile of a growing energy company like Gazprom Energy. Dynamics AX is Microsoft’s cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning solution, built with cross-organizational data flow, business intelligence, and ease of integration with other mission critical systems in focus.

Gazprom supplies gas and electricity to a wide range of public and private organisations and is the second largest business gas supplier in the UK. Technology plays a major role in ensuring we can deliver best-in-class service to our customers. Gazprom Energy’s investment in Itineris’ UMAX technology is driven by their commitment to performance and service quality.
Kurt Bligaard Pedersen, CEO, Gazprom Energy
The streamlined workflows and interconnection capabilities of our new Microsoft UMAX platform improves information flow across our organization and help us collaborate across departments more effectively.
Dan Brown, General Manager, Dynamics AX Application R&D, Microsoft
Product & services delivered

  • UMAX for suppliers B2B
  • Itineris utility consultancy
  • Itineris implementation service
  • Itineris support services

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