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Project Description

GDF SUEZEngie (the Netherlands) has chosen UMAX as the platform to leverage their strengths and further grow their B2C market share. Engie was looking for a balanced approach: give customers a more personalized service offering and experience while keeping internal complexity under control.

The processes in UMAX are fueled end-to-end by customer segmentation and customer value, which means that customer interaction in a process can vary by the customers segment group and valuation rating. This approach enables Engie to personalize these processes in a consistent and managed way.

To help utility organizations better understand their customers, UMAX solutions provide a broad range of measuring points (KPIs) that deliver actionable insights on items such as payment performance, consumption behavior, brand loyalty, and much more. This insight can then be used to drive processes in ways that close the loop with customers.

Product & services delivered

  • UMAX for suppliers B2C
  • Itineris utility consultancy
  • Itineris implementation service
  • Itineris support services

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