De Watergroep

Belgium - Water company

Project Description

De WatergroepDe Watergroep is the largest water company in Belgium. For years, De Watergroep focused on water delivery and the expansion and operation of municipal wastewater networks. Recently however, De Watergroep has developed water-related professional services for industrial customers.

De Watergroep’s IT infrastructure for customer management was no longer capable of supporting this rapid evolution, and the mainframe used was unwieldy and expensive to maintain. So De Watergroep looked for a more flexible and more cost effective system for automated billing and better customer follow-up.

Itineris installed its UMAX solution for water companies, according to the unique requirements of De Watergroep. Thanks to the comprehensive standard features and Itineris’ specialized experience, the project was completed within 12 months. De Watergroep’s 170 end users can now better serve customers more efficiently, and operational costs for this system have been reduced by half.

Product & services delivered

  • UMAX for water companies
  • Itineris utility consultancy
  • Itineris implementation service
  • Itineris support services
The better the tools, the better we are able to support our customers. Thanks to the new software we can respond much faster to their requests.
Jan Hammenecker,
Manager business systems and communication
at De Watergroep
Everything can now be managed more simply and with greater flexibility.
Herman Dircx,
Project Manager
at De Watergroep

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