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UMAX is a cloud-based CRM & CIS solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of Utilities.
It is developed on and natively integrated with the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Discover how UMAX can meet your ever-evolving needs:

Customer Self-Service

The UMAX Customer Self-Service Module provides customers with account access in a simple intuitive environment which encourages customer adoption. Customers can not only view and pay their bill but can also view rolling consumption details and current and past due charges, submit Service Orders, and determine how and when your Utility communicates important information.

The Customer Self-Service Module is an important tool that encourages customer engagement and guarantees your customers have full access to their account details.

UMAX Customer Self Service
UMAX Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service is no longer just about taking an order – it is about engaging and understanding your customers’ needs. Having the right tools to serve your customers is paramount. The UMAX Customer Service Module provides exactly that tool: a Dashboard optimized for CSRs to focus on customers while the UMAX Customer Service Module does the work.

Visually, the CSR Dashboard features modern, configurable screens that display information in an easily digestible format, eliminating the need for multiple “clicks” to view essential information. In addition, the CSR Dashboard provides prominently displayed Notifications and Account Status Alerts, so you receive critical customer and account information immediately.

Behind the scenes, the CSR Dashboard includes automated Wizards that step you through processes, like setting up a payment arrangement, or managing a move request. These Wizards include customizable automated workflows with form output generation when required.

Universally, UMAX also functions as a traditional CRM to manage all Utility interactions with the customer, and even manages special marketing and campaigning programs. This allows your Utility to target a specific group of customers for unique reasons, like Water Conservation Programs, EV Incentives, and more, and communicate these campaigns through UMAX Customer Self-Serve, Text, Email, Chat, and Social Media to help you deliver the right communications when and how your customers want.

Account Management

The Account Management Module functions as the brain of UMAX by managing your account model and providing tools to improve productivity, manage change and growth, and simplify compliance. Whether you have a Customer or Premise centric business practice, the UMAX Account Management Module seamlessly handles not only the tenant and related debt, but also all associated services (electric, water, sewer, gas, etc.), service equipment (backflow devices, grease traps, transformers, etc.), registers, and MTUs.

The Account Management Module provides Utilities tools to develop repeatable processes that focus on both organizational and customer needs. As an example, Account Management features Workspaces: home pages that are fully configurable to provide a unique experience for employees with the same job or role. These home pages provide users an overview of information, including a view of the most common daily tasks by department, such as billing, collections, field services and more.

UMAX Workspaces represent one of the ideals of Microsoft’s enterprise software vision— a BI‐rich, productivity‐focused, process‐driven, personalized dashboard that works for Utility users in any role.

UMAX Account Management
UMAX Billing


The Billing Module functions as the heart of UMAX by supporting the complete cycle of bill simulation, calculation, posting, production and presentment through many formats and channels. While the billing engine manages the various forms of billing, including normal cycle bills, budget bills, final bills, and consolidated bills, the built-in rate engine combines account set-up, rates, and validated consumption to generate the bills and invoices.

Universally, UMAX includes Document Designer, a Template Builder that is an extension of Microsoft Office 365 and provides easily configurable forms and letters templates. Utilities can use UMAX Document Designer to merge content with templates for a seamless and efficient customized output management solution (bills, collection letters, shut-off notices, door hangers, and more).  Whether a customer has a single account, multiple meters, or multiple accounts, UMAX can be configured for the information to appear on a single document.

All UMAX document templates are securely published with version control, so revisiting a previous version is never an issue. Documents are available for immediate recall.

Rates Management

The UMAX Rates Management Module out-of-the-box supports complex billing for Utilities with focus on ease of maintenance and configurability of complex tariff structures, rates, rate plans, … – all without any development. Users can also easily configure and maintain both simple and intricate rates, including weighted average pricing, rate schedules, and more.

UMAX Meter Data Management
UMAX Payments


In today’s digital world, providing your customers with a variety of payment methods means you meet customer demand as well as receive secure payments faster. For back-end payment management, the UMAX Payments Module provides tools for easily handling various payment methods, payment exceptions, payment allocations, and outstanding balance settlement.

UMAX manages a variety of modern payment methods to empower your customers by offering the most convenient automated payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, Alexa, Walmart-pay, PayPal, PayPal Credit, Amazon Pay, Venmo, and more. Customers can also use multiple payment channels, like UMAX Customer Self-Service and IVR solutions to name a few.

Credit & Collections

A configurable and flexible delinquency solution is essential to ensure the timely collection of your outstanding receivables. The UMAX Credit & Collections Module empowers you to configure various collection paths to fit your unique Utility needs. Collection paths are based on different customer attributes, including Customer Group, Customer Segment (low income, senior citizen, life support, etc.), and more. Each collection path includes various steps and timed intervals. Like all other areas of UMAX, our powerful workflow engine automates the entire collections process, allowing customers to move through their distinctive collection path without any required user interaction.

UMAX Credit and Collection Management
UMAX Asset Management

Asset Management

The UMAX Asset Management Module is interfaced with the Inventory Module, and enables Utilities to manage all their critical assets, from installation to depreciation and retirement. For each asset type, the Asset Module includes the ability to not only track many standard attributes, including type, size, manufacturer information, location, and more; but to also track virtually unlimited additional attributes as needed. Based on historical data, users have a complete view of each asset’s placement, including every install, removal, or repair.

Field Services

The UMAX Field Services Module is a powerful internet-based mobile communications and field service dispatching solution to help manage your mobile resources. Critical customer information is bi-directionally updated for management of all field-related activities, and through user-friendly screens, dispatchers can ensure that all technicians have balanced workloads.

The dispatching system was designed with only one thing in mind: to provide advanced automated dispatching and communications functions that improve the dispatching environment’s work processes. Managers and dispatchers can easily track and analyze pertinent information through visual scheduling.

UMAX Field Services Service-Link

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