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Water insights

Use your smart meter data to conserve water.


Use your CIS and Payment data to personalize your customer payment journey and avoid unpaid bills.

Data analytics-as-a-Service

Use our data experts for impact on your efficiency and sustainability.

Water insights solutions for water conservation

A lot of utilities use their AMI and MDM data only for billing purposes.
This is understandable but a pity as the data generated could be used for much more.
Explore some of our inspiring use cases to monetize your AMI meters.


Detect wrong-day irrigation automatically and communicate with your customers

Say goodbye to manual water conservation monitoring and messaging. And say hello to automatic detection of wrong-day irrigation to help conserve more water.

As a utility company, you get a clear overview of your customers’ water consumption. When someone doesn’t follow wrong-day irrigation violation or uses a faulty meter, you receive a notification and a customer case is automatically created. Meanwhile, your customer receives a personalized message informing them of their violation.

Your customer can of course avoid all this by monitoring his or her own water consumption via our user-friendly customer portal. This portal includes easy-to-read dashboards and accurate comparisons with other users.


Detect faulty meters

Interval data can easily be used to detect which meters are sending erroneous information.


Detect Billing & Usage Discrepancy

The granularity provided by interval data can be used to automatically reconcile billing discrepancies when data feeds are combined.


Forecast Water Usage

Easily utilize historical smart meter data and CIS data to develop predictive models.


Develop Demand Response Programs

By combining CIS data with real-time smart meter data, utilities can develop demand response programs for water.

CleverCollect to avoid unpaid bills

Use your CIS and Payment data to personalize your customer payment journey and avoid unpaid bills.


Personalize your customer payment journey and avoid unpaid bills

CleverCollect is an intelligent billing solution designed specifically for utilities. It uses AI to move from a one-size-fits-all (e-)bill enrollment, communication, and dunning strategy toward a more effective, personalized approach to customer payment journeys. Because it personalizes the collection flow, utilities see a noticeable decrease of unpaid bills of 10% and more. The benefits include important cost savings and efficiency gains from reduced DSO, less interaction with CSR’s and a reduced need for payment reminders.

With CleverCollect, you can accurately target a specific group of delinquent customers with messaging varying in tone, timing, and channel according to individual responsiveness and payment history. CleverCollect works fully integrated with our UMAX CIS & CRM solution.

Data analytics-as-a-Service

Smart tools require smart capabilities and smart people to design and build. Our team of AI and advanced reporting data experts help utilities solve problems or reach goals through various impactful use cases.
Be inspired by how our data analytics team helps our customers and the possibilities!


Data cleansing


Process mining


Smart meter replacement


Leak detection

Leak detection addresses the pressing issue of water wastage and operational costs due to undetected leaks in utility systems. Unidentified leaks can lead to significant water loss, higher expenses, and potential damage to the environment. For customers, this translates to increased utility bills and a negative impact on the sustainability of their water supply.

Implementing data-driven leak detection solutions offers customers several advantages. It allows utilities to identify leaks quickly and accurately, minimizing water wastage and associated costs. This proactive approach contributes to a more sustainable water supply and lower utility bills for customers. Additionally, customers benefit from reduced service interruptions and the knowledge that their utility provider is actively working to conserve resources and protect the environment.


Neighborhood comparison

Neighborhood comparison serves as a powerful tool that directly benefits utility customers. It enables utilities to deliver a more tailored and customer-centric experience. When utilities analyze and understand the unique characteristics and needs of each neighborhood, customers reap the rewards.

By employing data analytics for neighborhood comparison, utilities can enhance the quality of service provided to their customers. They can identify and address specific needs within neighborhoods, ensuring that services are optimized to meet local demand and consumption patterns. This means that customers experience more reliable utility services, reduced downtime, and improved responsiveness to their unique requirements.

Moreover, customers may see benefits such as more accurate billing based on localized rates and consumption trends. Additionally, utilities can develop targeted conservation initiatives, allowing customers to contribute to sustainability efforts while potentially reducing their utility costs. In essence, neighborhood comparison empowers utilities to create a more customer-focused, efficient, and sustainable utility experience for the end customer.

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