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UMAX is a cloud-based CRM & CIS solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of Utilities.
It is developed on and natively integrated with the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Discover how UMAX can meet your ever-evolving needs:

Sales & Marketing

For commercial Utilities, the Sales & Marking module can be used as an intelligent marketing automation tool, allowing you to plan, execute, and analyze your marketing campaigns, while driving brand awareness and creating new business development opportunities. This way you can make the most out of your firm’s marketing investments.

For regulated Utilities, your Account Managers and Inspectors can use this module to easily create special campaigning programs that are driven towards a specific customer group for a targeted objective. This way you can encourage conservation initiatives, promote new service offerings to improve cashflow, and much more.

UMAX Sales & Marketing
UMAX Product and Pricing

Product & Pricing

Our Product and Pricing module is built to support complex billing for Utilities – with a focus on ease of maintenance while still preserving the necessary flexibility to make changes to ensure quick time-to-market of new product initiatives. It lets you easily configure and maintain both simple and enhanced rates. This includes weighted average pricing, rate schedule, pricing set-up, and the processes supporting the ongoing management of existing rate structures.

Out-of-the-box features include metered/non-metered products and conditional pricing on many parameters – such as meter size, capacity, location, customer characteristics, … – and for any type of service.

Customer Self Service

Your customers want their questions to be answered and their problems to be solved quickly. A Customer Self Service Portal allows you to provide online support without requiring any interaction with a representative from your company. Your customers can use it to pay their invoice or bill, view payment information or account details, find answers to common questions, and more.

Our module has a responsive design for viewing and managing information on any device.

Alternatively, we also offer an API framework and library of web services to integrate within your existing Customer Self Service portals or website.

UMAX Customer Self Service
UMAX Account Management

Account Management

Unique to the Utilities industry are the variations in account setup. With our Account Management module, you can easily manage multi-relationship accounts, complex multi-site setups, move-ins, move-outs and transfer of accounts, low-income or senior exemptions, and landlord/tenant relationships. The module offers enhanced B2B capabilities allowing you to aggregate bills or setup additional rules.

Meter Data Management

The Meter Data Management module allows Energy Retailers to collect and validate meter readings and interface with the relevant market parties to collect the data. It ensures that high-volume time samples can be processed, summed and estimated – leveraging cloud technology such as data bricks. For Water or Integrated Utilities, the module supports flexible validation rules and the collection of the meter reading through any channel, including smart meters. It can also take AI enabled pictures to automatically collect the meter read of conventional meters.

UMAX Meter Data Management
UMAX Billing


The Billing module is at the heart of our solution. The billing engine combines account set-up, product structures and validated meter readings/consumptions to generate bills and invoices. It supports the complete cycle of simulation, calculation, posting, bill production and presentment through many formats and channels.

It also generates and stores reporting lines: for each invoice, each time window and each price component you will know exactly what the quantity and price is. This is greatly used for reporting and reconciliation purposes, e.g. to analyze the underlying margin or commission.

The module contains a Template Builder that integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to provide an easy configurable maintenance of the layout.


The Payments module provides easy management of payment methods, payment exception handling, payment allocation and settlement of the outstanding balance in order to fully automate the back-office processes. Your customer can choose any payment method that is most convenient to them – ranging from cash-only through our Cashiering solution to fully automated credit card or direct debit payments. The solution also contains a standard extension for electronic invoicing and online (direct) payments. Any settlement can be corrected manually, and unmatched payments are flagged automatically.

UMAX Payments
UMAX Credit and Collection Management

Credit & Collections

Dunning plans to manage your delinquency can easily be configured in this module – taking into account your customer’s profile, account setup or the type of service you are offering. It automatically sends reminders without any user interaction, and your employees are informed once manual interaction is required.

This module also provides integrated processes with financial write-off processes and disconnect rules which can automatically generate field service orders.

Customer Service

The Customer Service module provides a holistic view of your customer. Persona-based, configurable screens and Wizards that include workflows will enable you to optimize Customer Engagement. The Wizards help Utility Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) guide customers quickly and efficiently through everyday processes and requests, such as moves, payment arrangements, financial hardships, and more. In a single timeline, you can get a view of any interaction you had with your customer through any channel.

For Water or Integrated Utilities, this module includes a clear view of all active contracts and services, billing and payment status, and any events on the customer or metering point.

UMAX Customer Service
UMAX Asset Management

Asset Management

The Asset Management module enables Water and Integrated Utilities to manage all their critical assets, from the Utility installations at the customer’s premises, over the distribution assets, to the production assets. The seamless integration between the assets allows to inform customers proactively in case of outages. We also provide tools for predictive and corrective asset maintenance.

Field Services

Manage your service orders and structural asset maintenance processes in our integrated Field Services module and mobile app. The module supports and automates both back-office processes for planning & scheduling, and field operation processes. The different processes can easily be configured and maintained.

UMAX Field Service
UMAX Market Interaction

Market Interaction

This module facilitates the communication between your company and third-party Service Providers. Thanks to this framework, you can easily manage processes such as asset maintenance, read collection, smart metering, switch or registration, …

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