Employee in the spotlight: Fola Longe, Test Analyst


April 4, 2022


About a year ago, Fola joined the Itineris team in North America as a Test Analyst.
We went to see her, and talked about how she experienced her first year at our company.

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What were the main aspects that made you decide to choose Itineris at the time?

When Dana from the Itineris Talent Acquisition team got in touch with me, I felt an instant click. I had never heard of Itineris before, but after doing some research, I was really intrigued. During the interview process I got the opportunity to speak to many different people within the company, both from Atlanta and Belgium. Based on these different conversations, it felt like a great place to work! Apart from that, Itineris’ software solution, UMAX, and its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, really sparked my interest.

How did you experience the first days at the company?

At the time, we were in the middle of the pandemic. Itineris had taken all necessary safety measures, allowing employees to come to the office for a few days a week. This was a huge relief for me, because I had been home for so long. This hybrid way of working was a great way for me to get to know my new colleagues, and to ease into a new industry and at the same time ease out of the lockdown. I really like the fact that I can combine working from home with meeting my colleagues at the office.

Did you have the feeling you were well guided during your first months?

Yes, absolutely. The first month of onboarding was challenging, as I had to learn so much about the company and the industry. At first it seemed a bit overwhelming, but in the end, the onboarding process was truly helpful.

Itineris’ learning platform, Wapiti, also helped me a lot. Wapiti introduced me to the world of utilities, the different departments and business units, and the projects. It helped me to understand what Itineris is all about, the company culture and the people. It’s a great concept!

What does your day at work as a Test Analyst typically look like?

It really depends on the project I am working on. My day usually starts with a stand-up meeting during which all team members get an update on the project. After that, I can start my testing processes, create reports, and plan meetings with colleagues to discuss progress.

Do you like the diversity of the different projects at Itineris?

Yes, I love it! I’ve had the opportunity to work on multiple exciting projects like New York, Cape Fear, Boston, and Georgetown. I am now involved in Service Delivery, allowing me to work on almost all projects. I really like that as you get to know what each project is all about, what customers need, and how they operate.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work on multiple exciting projects like New York, Cape Fear, Boston, and Georgetown. I really like that as you get to know what each project is all about, what customers need, and how they operate.”

Fola Longe,
Test Analyst, Itineris NA

Fola Longe, Test Analyst at Itineris

How do you experience the culture and the atmosphere at Itineris?

Itineris has a truly unique culture and atmosphere. Even though there is a lot of work to be done, there is always room for fun. I like the way Itineris combines work and fun. I also appreciate that everyone is so helpful. Collaboration, in just about everything you do, is key here. Finally, Itineris invests a lot in the growth of employees through training, certificates, etc.

Fola loves to travel, to discover new places and food. Next on her bucket list are London and Dubai. She has wanted to go there for a while now, but due to Covid-19, she had to postpone her plans. Luckily for her, she should be able to go there very soon!

Fola Longe, Test Analyst at Itineris

Why should someone who is looking for a new opportunity choose Itineris according to you?

Well, if you are eager to explore new areas, learn and collaborate, and if you want to grow in your career, Itineris is the place to go. The company is always exploring new domains, looking for new opportunities, and keeps investing in innovation.

So: if you want to grow, come grow with us 😉.

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