Strategic partners fueling the future of Itineris

Edgard Vermeersch

Edgard Vermeersch
Mr. Vermeersch is the founder of Itineris, majority investor, Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the Board of Directors.

“From the beginning, the UMAX vision has been to deliver technology solutions that enable utilities to build high-quality relationships with their customers and have confidence that their IT investments will support the evolving needs of their organizations.”
Mr. Edgard Vermeersch, Founder & CEO


As an independent investment company listed on Euronext Brussels & NYSE (GIMB), Gimv specializes in private equity and venture capital, focusing mainly on the European market. Gimv pursues active participation and an enterprise-driven approach oriented towards value creation. In this way Gimv helps companies increase turnover and profitability.

Gimv facilitates amongst others the development of companies in the energy, utilities and other highly regulated markets that have a strong infrastructure component. Investments in physical and digital infrastructure with community impact and related operations and services are also targeted, through its Sustainable Cities pillar.


PMV is an independent investment company and invests in the economic fabric of Flanders. In doing so, the company acts as entrepreneur and market producer. PMV also provides financial levers if the market needs support and the necessary private initiatives are not forthcoming.

PMV collaborates with private partners via funds and public-private partnerships. Particular emphasis is placed on sustainable energy, biotech, cleantech, life sciences and infrastructure for the future. PMV manages a portfolio of EUR 900 million in assets. PMV also undertakes commissions on behalf of the Flemish Region.


SmartFin is a European Private Equity and Venture Capital investor in technology companies. They operate both early stage and growth stage investment vehicles targeting technology companies that display the potential for significant value creation. They support their portfolio companies to become successful international leaders by accelerating the scaling and monetization of their growth.


The Federal Holding and Investment Company (SFPI) is a public limited company of which the Belgian State is the sole shareholder. Their vision and ambition is to become the “Sovereign Wealth Fund of Belgium” and to be a driver for sustainable economy and long-term social prosperity through “smart capital solutions”.

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