Antwerp Water Works

Belgium - Water Company

Project Description

client-awwDrinking water producer Antwerp Water Works (AWW) decided to change to a process-driven workflow methodology to improve both internal operations and services. To achieve this such organizational transformation, integrated IT support was essential.

AWW decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics, essentially because of its flexibility, to better integrate the customer contact center with the rest of operational management. An invoicing module was added as well.

Today, help-desk staff members have an immediate overview of a customer’s status through a single access point into the system, allowing them to answer a much wider range of inquiries more quickly. A key benefit of AWW’s new integrated workflow is higher quality of data, which improves not only internal operations but service to customers.

product & services Delivered

  • Itineris utility consultancy
  • Itineris implementation service
  • Itineris support services
By being so intensively involved with Itineris on this project, we are creating a documented system that can offer simple first-line aid. There’s no sense in depending on a third party for every little thing.
Koen Meersschaert,
M&S coordinator of AWW
Itineris’ approach to the project, its specific expertise and experience of the characteristic traits of the utilities market turned out to be key elements in the successful implementation of such a complex utility project.
Hendrik Seuntjens,
Manager of AWW

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