Management Team

Leading Itineris and UMAX into the future

Itineris’ leadership team has been cultivated with industry veterans proven in their domains and having years of relevant IT and/or utility experience.

Senior Executives

Edgard Vermeersch

& Chief Executive Officer

Burrell Kilmer

General Manager
North America – UMAX

John Beddingfield

General Manager
North America – Consultancy

Business Development Leadership

Koen Breemersch

Global VP

Cedric Proot

Global VP
Business Development

Kevin Clancey

VP Business Development
North America

Solutions & Services Leadership

Wim Steenwerkcx

Global VP

Byron King

VP Professional Services
North America

Jim Walters

Director of Consulting
North America

Operations Leadership

Steven Daem

Global VP

Catherine Vandeweghe

Global VP
Human Resources

Kris Marlein

Global VP
Business Execution

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